What Do Our Refurbished Grades Mean?

Unsure what the different grades mean for our refurbished iPhones and other devices? Don’t worry – if you’re looking to find out what our refurbished grades mean, take a look at our helpful guide below!

What is a refurbished grade?

We use a grading scale for our electronics to determine the condition of the device, based on how many cosmetic blemishes it may have. At Ultimo Electronics, our grading structure follows industry guidelines. Each device is inspected on its cosmetic condition and placed in a grade when it first enters our refurbished process. This enables us to provide cost effective products, best suited to your individual needs!

On our website, we currently stock two grades: Very Good and Good condition.

Very Good

A Very Good condition device is in full working order may and have minor cosmetics marks that you can only see at close range. There will be no cracks, deep scratches or dents.

A Very Good condition device looks nearly new, but is available at a fantastic cost compared to buying a brand new mobile phone or accessory.


Good condition devices have been fully refurbished by our expert technicians and many have minor scratches and blemishes. It’s possible there will be a bit of wear around the charging port and volume buttons, but the device won’t be bent or have any deep scratches or cracks.

What does grade A and B mean?

You might have heard people or other companies refer to their devices as Grade A or B. Grade A devices are the same as our Very Good condition devices, so you can expect a nearly new phone, Apple Watch or iPad. B grade devices are equal to our Good condition devices and may have small signs of wear and tear. Some stores stock Grade C devices, which would come under our ‘Average’ grade, where the device will have noticeable scratches and dents that don’t impact the function of the device. We don’t stock this grade on our website.

Still stuck on which grade to go for? Feel free to contact us by email, or call us on 01508 500 242. Don’t forget, when you purchase a device through Ultimo Electronics, you get free UK delivery and 12 months warranty.

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