Warranty Agreement

  1. Length of warranty
      1. The warranty period starts from the date of delivery of your product(s) and finishes 12 months after this date.
      2. If you purchase an extended 24-month warranty, the warranty will expire 24 months after the date of delivery. This is the case even if you purchase your extended warranty after receiving one of our reminder emails towards the end of your 12 month warranty period.
      3. Your product consists of several different parts and some of these parts may be covered by a different warranty period, for example the battery (see section 2b and 3a).
    1. What is covered under this warranty?
      1. Power-on failure: If the device ceases to power on completely
      2. Inefficient battery life: This is valid for 60 days after purchase
      3. Failure of buttons on the device: This includes buttons such as the home button, lock button, silent switch or volume buttons
        1. If we replace a home button on an iPhone, this may cause the Touch ID to stop functioning.
      4. Screen glitching: e.g. a touch screen fault or an LCD screen that is not functioning correctly
        1. Screen faults will be subject to our review as screens can be damaged when dropped or through other accidental damage (see section 3e).
      5. Camera and microphone faults
      6. Charging point faults: Physical damage to charging pins through improper charging or cleaning is considered accidental damage (see section 3e)
      7. For any other hardware fault not stated in the terms, please contact us on [email protected] or 01508 500 242 and we will advise further.
    1. What is not covered under this warranty?
      1. Decreased battery life: After 60 days, this will not be covered as this is classed as wear and tear. You may purchase a new battery for iPhones or iPads at the time of purchase. We do not currently offer new batteries for other devices.
        1. If you purchase an iPhone XS or above that has had a replacement battery, you may notice that it displays the message ‘Unable to verify this device has a genuine Apple battery.’ This means that the battery is an after-market equivalent that will function exactly as intended. This message will appear after every restart of the phone for 2 weeks, then will remain hidden in the battery settings. This is nothing to be concerned about and is not covered under warranty.
      2. Damage caused by external substances: Defects or damage due to moisture, liquid, extreme humidity, heavy perspiration, sand, food, dirt or similar substances caused by incorrectly securing the device’s protective elements and/or subjecting the products to conditions exceeding any stated specification
        1. When we refurbish our devices, we may replace parts like screens and buttons to bring them up to our standards. This can mean that the factory seal is not intact. We endeavour to keep the seal intact but we recommend that users exercise caution when using devices around water, as water damage will not be covered.
      3. Devices that have had modifications: e.g. devices that have been ‘jailbroken’ will not be covered and will subsequently void the warranty
      4. Software problems: Outside the 30-day refund period, software issues for devices that sit outside the manufacturer’s operating system updates will not be covered
      5. Accidental damage: If we find that any accidental damage has occurred to the device, this will not be covered under any circumstances and will subsequently void the warranty
        1. If your device was damaged in transit, we ask that you notify us by email at [email protected] within 3 days of delivery and send photographic proof of the damage.
      6. Third party repairs: If the device has been looked at or repaired by any third party repair centre, including Apple, the warranty will be void. You should always come to Ultimo Electronics in the first instance
      7. IMEI number discrepancies: If the IMEI number of the device does not match the number at the time of purchase
    1. How to claim
      1. Please inform Ultimo Electronics by emailing [email protected] or calling 01508 500 242 as soon as you notice a fault with your device, stating your order number or voucher code.
      2. We will then advise you if the fault is something that is covered under warranty and provide you with a pre-paid label for you to send your device back to us. Please send the device back to us as soon as possible after you have received the pre-paid label.
        1. Please do not send your device back to us using your own delivery method. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to track whether the device has made its way back to us, and you may not have adequate cover for the cost of the device.
      3. Please package the device securely, ensuring there is adequate protection to avoid damage in transit.
      4. When we inspect the device, if we find that the fault is not covered under warranty for any reason we will notify you by email and send your device back to you within 30 days, at our expense.
        1. If we find that the device is locked to your account and we cannot remove it, we will not be able to refund, replace or repair the device under warranty, unless we can determine that the account does not belong to you. If the device is still locked after 90 days, we will return the device to you at our expense.
Questions about your warranty? Email us at [email protected] or give us a call on 01508 500 242 – our team will be happy to help.