Company Introduction

Where did it all begin?

The company was started by Josh and Conor back in 2016 by buying customer returns from a well-known high street retailer, which were then tested and sold on eBay. By doing this, a niche for quality refurbished electronics was found. And  so,  the company began to grow… 

What was the aim for the business?

The company’s aim was; and still is, to provide consumers with great quality refurbished tech at low prices whilst offering an experience as close to buying a new product as possible. 

What is the future for Ultimo Electronics?

The future for Ultimo is to drive growth and become the go to place for refurbished consumer electronics, whilst also helping the environment by saving products from going to landfill. 

Ultimo Electronics timeline:

1 – 2016 – Started selling consumer electronics, and the business then opened its first warehouse  

2 –  2018 – Ultimo Electronics moves to a new premises to further expand  

3 – 2019 – Ultimo joins the Amazon renewed program  

4 – 2020 – Ultimo Electronics launches new website 

5 – 2021 – First retail shop opened in Norwich  

Who are you? And what is your role?

Josh:  I am Josh, the Managing Director at Ultimo Electronics. I look after the day to day running of the business focusing particularly on the commercial aspects of the company, including looking after sales and marketing.

Conor:  Hi I’m Conor. I am Ultimo’s tech guy. I look after the company’s data and systems, such as our website. I am always looking at ways of improving our processes and using new technologies to provide a better customer experience.  

What are you most proud of at the company?

Josh:  We have a really good team at the moment who put a lot of passion and effort into improving the business and they have been a key part in getting us to where we are now. I am also incredibly proud of our Trustpilot rating and the fact that we have delighted so many customers over the years. By doing this we have also helped the environment by recycling thousands of devices and prevented these from going to landfill. 

Conor:  I am most proud of the people at Ultimo. There are a lot of people here with us who were here when we first began. I truly enjoy watching the departments grow, led by people who have continuously learnt and adapted to the challenges we have faced. I am also proud that we have been able to give back, by donating electronics to schools and supporting charities, which is something I am looking forward to doing more of in the future!  

What excites you the most about the future at Ultimo?

Josh:  Our growth at Ultimo is really exciting at the moment. I think we have huge potential to really increase our market share and build the business over the coming months and years.  

Conor:  As Ultimo Electronics is now an established company in the refurbished electronics sector, I am excited to work with other companies and industries to diversify Ultimo’s offering, and see what opportunities arise for us to help revolutionise a devices lifecycle.  

What hobbies do you have?

Josh:  I enjoy walking my dog and I love a good beer in a pub garden on a sunny day. I also enjoy cycling and getting out in the fresh air.  

Conor:  I am a snowboard instructor. I enjoy mountain biking and road cycling and during the summer I am enjoying learning to wakeboard and paddleboard. I have a keen eye for fitness and enjoy nothing more than a morning workout.  

What made you want to start the business? What were your influences?

Josh:  I was certainly looking for a challenge and wasn’t particularly enjoying my job at the time! This undoubtedly motivated me to start the business.  

Conor:  Josh told me it was a good idea…  

What is it about tech you enjoy?

Josh:  I enjoy keeping up with the new advancements in technology and seeing what the future might hold. I am particularly interested to see how the advancements in AI change the future and the way we live our lives for better or for worse.  

Conor:  I enjoy tech products that make life easier such as tick lists and turning on the lights with my voice. Since the old school Nokia 3310, mobile phones have revolutionised the way we live and I am excited to see how the technology progresses!